Revolutionising the cot so you could sleep too

The smart cot® is the most innovative cot ever produced, powered by technological innovation.

We have transformed the baby cot, a product that hasn't changed in decades, embedded all the sensor and technology inside the cot, to ensure your precious one is safe and well.

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Smart cot is packed with sensors and latest technologies to track your baby’s health so you can relax.

Built in Camera

Machine learning image recognition identifies developmental milestones. Tracks and alerts abnormal behavior.

Intelligent Alerts

No more fake alerts, our sensors are built into the mattress and sense your baby on every position.

Integrated Sensor

Sensor covers entire mattress. Alerts when breathing stops for 15 seconds. Blood oxygen monitor tracks baby’s health.

Scale & Thermometer

Identifies when the baby is removed from the cot. Track baby’s weight gain. Check temperature throughout the night.

Smart Cot app
Smart Cot app

Mobile App

Display baby milestone, track health, and activity. Overview of all sensors. Alerts parent for any problem

Health Monitor

Built-in sensors enable the cot to track your baby's well being. Image recognition enables the cot to detect health issues and channel you directly to online health consultation.

Activity Tracker

Our camera and sound recognition enable the smart cot to log for your baby’s activity. Proving you with greater predictability and ability to address your baby’s needs.

Milestone Tracker

Image recognition to track your baby’s development, identify meeting developmental milestones and ensure you have all the information on your little one’s development.

Machine Learning

We combine machine learning, image recognition, and smart sensors into the Cot to ensure you have everything you need to safeguard your baby.

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